The novel "A nurse at the Battle of Lopera."

Libro Una enfermera en la Batalla de Lopera

The jiennense writer Antonio Marin Muñoz delves into the historical narrative with his latest novel, "A nurse at the Battle of Lopera," which has been published by the Editorial Circle Red.

In this book the story of a nurse who develops its work in the Battle of Lopera (1936), during the Spanish civil war is discussed. You learn about the harsh working conditions at the front, love, deceit, motherhood and an eventful life that will have a happy ending.

Readers will learn a little more about the head of the civil war in the province of Jaén seen from the perspective of a nurse, who will be overwhelmed with the cruel story told in the Battle of Lopera. This woman will be immersed in a fratricidal war to care for hundreds of deaths and injuries in some long days.

This new novel by Antonio Marin Muñoz, author of other books like "The Siege to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Head" or "The reconstruction of the province of Jaén under Franco" is divided into two historical stories full of action, love and political intrigue that takes us back to an era that changed the world forever. This historical fiction novel takes a successful tour of the Civil War and the Spanish Civil War, in characters that are developed in the first half of the twentieth century. The story generated many questions about the Battle of Lopera and Franco in the province of Jaén.

This historical novel is based on the testimonies of many, and elderly seniors, who have been willing to tell the author's story of the Civil War and its aftermath, and has managed to capture correctly on your pages by changing the names of the protagonists.

Antonio Marín Muñoz Writer Comment on this novel "is an exciting adventure starring unforgettable characters whose lives are a magnificent portrait of the history of the twentieth century. This novel is a magnificent reconstruction of the hard years of the Civil War and the Spanish Civil War. "

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