The novel "Republic. Jaén 1931".

Libro República. Jaén 1931

After more than 20 years writing history books and historical novels, the writer Antonio Marín Muñoz publishes "Republic. Ja?n 1931", to which he has dedicated two years of work. "The greatest work has been the historical documentation," clarifies the writer, who says he has sought to deepen the historical period of the Second Spanish Republic: "Recreate links and passions, reflect the weight of the past and the importance of memory", says Antonio Marín.

The work, edited by Círculo Rojo, is aimed at all those readers who are passionate about the recent history of Spain and who enjoy the historical novel. "In my book, fiction is mixed with historical data, a good ingredient for lovers of history," insists the author.

Inspired by his parents' childhood years and what other elders in the area have told him, Antonio Mar?n assures that the reader will find an enjoyable, rigorous novel that is easily read. "It has a good historical documentation and they will enjoy reading it, they will learn a bit of history," he insists.

This novel is developed mainly in the municipality of Lopera (Jaén), where he lived in those years a unique character. Andrés Martos worked as a day laborer and fought for a better life for himself and his family. It will fully experience the arrival of the Second Republic and seek an improvement in working and social conditions. You will know the love, the true friendship and the social conflicts typical of the time that he had to live.

Antonio Marín Muñoz is the author of nine books with historical themes, among which we can mention "The Siege of the Shrine of Our Lady of the Head", "The Civil War in Lopera and Porcuna", "The reconstruction of the province of Jaén under the Francoism "," Those terrible years "or" A nurse in the Battle of Lopera ".

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