Connections of Interest.

Siege to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria of the Head (1936-1937).

Real Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Head.

The Civil War in Jaén. .

Images of the Civil War in Jaén.

Vestiges of the Civil War in Lopera (Jaén).

Battle of Lopera.

Postwar period in Jaén (1939-1950).

The Civil War in Porcuna (Jaén).

The Spanish Civil War.

History of century XX.

The best webs on history.

Association for the Recovery of the Historical Memory.

Victims' portal of the Civil war and Victimized of the Franco's regime.

All the names.

Dialnet: books and cultural on-line magazines.

Magazine Time of History.

Institute of Studies Giennenses.

Bulletins of the Institute of Studies Giennenses.

Documentary Center of the Historical Memory.

Portal of Spanish Files.

Historical Diocesan file of Jaen.

Association of Contemporary History.

Writers' Collegiate Association of Spain.

Writers' Collegiate Association of Spain. Andalucía.

Center of Andalusian Studies.

Royal Academy of the History.

Institute of History.

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