Antonio Marin Muñoz was born in Lopera, province of Jaen, Spain, in 1970. From early age it showed his interest by the world of the letters, history and Literature, attending his studies of bachelor in the is Our Mrs. of Alharilla de Porcuna. Later it studied right in the University of Granada, where he was responsible for diverse cultural and literary activities, that culminated with the obtaining of their degree. Also it realised diverse masters in fiscal, labor and countable consultant's office like improvement of his studies. Between years 1995-2001 it performed the functions of informative and graphical correspondent of the IDEAL Newspaper in the populations of Lopera and Porcuna, and during period 1998-2002 it also collaborated in the Weekly magazine New Jaen taking the news coverage of all the region of the Countryside. It has four pages Webs in Internet dedicated to his native town Lopera (Castle of Lopera, Easter, Lopera Tourism, Battle of Lopera...), a villa that try on the Easter in the province of Jaen and another one more on the Region of the Countryside (Daily Digitalis).

Antonio Marín Muñoz

His first works related to the history of Lopera published in press and the Magazine of the Fair and Celebrations in honor of the Cristos de Lopera, in their editions from 1998 to 2015. Also it has collaborated in the Programs of the Romerías de Alharilla of years 1998 and 2000, in the Magazine "Dove of Paper" that the Public School publishes Miguel de Cervantes and in the magazine of historical spreading "The Truce", of Alcala the Real one (Jaen). It belongs to the National Association of Contemporary History.

In this sense it has published numerous historical news articles in press and specialized magazines that have tried on the Castle of Lopera, the Parochial Church of the Purest Conception, the Posito or Casa of the Third, the Tower of Boabdil, the White Hillock sculptures, the House of the Stone, the paintings murals of Julio Rosemary of Towers, the tradition at night of bigeye tunas in Lopera, etc.

During the month of November of 1997 Week of the Environment participated in the I, that organized the Provincial Delegation of Jaen in collaboration with the City council of Lopera. Its conference turned on "The existing zones of environmental impact in the municipal term of Lopera". Day 27 of December of 2000 within the framework distributed a new conference of XII the Days of History, Culture and Society of Lopera, that served to deepen on the numerous tracks or warlike vestiges whereupon it at the moment counts the municipal term of Lopera: nests of machine guns, trenches, refuges, to bunker, fort antitank, damages caused by the bombings, etc.

          In the year 2001 the book published "The Civil war in Lopera and Porcuna (1936-1939)", that already reaches his third edition. One of his last publications data of principles of year 2002 and in her it once again approached the subject of the Vestiges of the Civil War in Lopera (Jaen), in a book that was published by the Official Camera of Commerce and Industry of the province of Jaen. In 2003 it distributed a new conference within the Is Days on celebrated the Historical Memory and the Spanish Civil War in Almedinilla (Cordoba). The past Days of History of Lopera (from the 19 to the 22 of December of 2003) also told on their participation when distributing a new communication that tried on the Recovery of the Historical Memory in the province of Jaen.

In the year 2004 the book published "I besiege to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria of the Head (1936-1937)", that served to always contribute new documentary sources on this episode of the Spanish civil war and from a more objective and impartial point of view (analyzing the version of both sides). "Postwar period in Lopera (1939-1950)" was its fourth book and in him it approached the period of the pro-Franco repression in Lopera, the autarkic economy of the time and the subject of the recovery of the historical memory in the locality of Lopera.

In the year 2007 he presented the book "The reconstruction of the province of Jaen under the Franco's regime (1939-1957)", that picks up the action of the Main directorate of Regions Devastated in the province of Jaen. His sixth book came in 2010 with the historical novel "Those terrible years," set in the hard years of the Spanish Civil War.

This writer published in 2012 the novel "The difficult years in Jaen." This is a historical novel in the United States Of America has been edited by Editorial Portilla Foundation, which recreates the life of a Spanish during the forties in a town of Jaen. We are in a work that constitutes a true reflection of a tormented and miserable period of Spanish life.

His last publication dates from 2014 and is entitled "A nurse at the Battle of Lopera," which has been published by the Editorial Circle Red. In this book the story of a nurse who develops its work in the Battle of Lopera (1936), during the Spanish civil war is discussed. You learn about the harsh working conditions at the front, love, deceit, motherhood ...

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